Using healthier ingredients can be a lot more complicated than using the traditional butter-white flour-white sugar combination which is sort of foolproof. I have destroyed millions of recipes whilst experimenting with healthier ingredients and that is why you need to be more flexible, more creative and more tolerant when using them in cooking and baking. It might take time and it might take patience but it is worth it in the end. I speak from a place of experience because I opened up my website in 2003 but in 2000 I was eating pasta uncooked as I didn't know how to boil it. If I can do it, so can you.

Below is a collection of terms and products that you might find unfamiliar and how I use them in my cooking. Click on a term and the answer will automatically expand below.

Food Items/Products

Yeast Free Vegetable Stock Cubes

I prefer yeast free stock cubes as I don't like the taste of yeast. If you have a Candida infection omitting yeast from your diet is important. People in general are not aware of the fact that in most packet soups, bouillons and stock cubes, yeast is added. If you are intolerant to yeast you need to read the labels carefully. I prefer the Kallo brand which is available in the UK (at least) but if you find any other organic, yeast free vegetable stock cubes you can use those you prefer. I also prefer the Very Low Salt type.

How to use: Just use as ordinary stock cubes. Available in most health food stores (at least in the UK) and in larger supermarkets. If you don't mind yeast, you can use stock cubes containing yeast.