Using healthy ingredients in cooking can be a lot more complicated than using the traditional combination of refined sugar, wheat and butter (which is almost always foolproof). Throughout the years I have literally ruined thousands of recipes when experimenting with healthier ingredients. It is totally worth it however but something that you won't have to go through since you have this website to lean on. Cooking with healthier ingredients can take time, patience and it can be more costly than using traditional ingredients. Don't give up though and if you carry on you will soon become an expert on cooking all things healthy. Just make sure you follow the recipes very carefully because 'a dash of this and a dash of that' usually doesn't work in healthy cooking. This is especially true for cakes and cookies. If you don't have any experience in cooking at all you don't need to worry because in 2000 I was eating dry pasta because of my lack of culinary skills (I didn't know how to cook it, I am not kidding) and in 2003 I had opened up my own recipe website with thousands of followers. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Below are questions I have gathered throughout the years from my users regarding baking, ingredients, cooking techniques and more. If you click on a question, the answer will appear below.

If you can't find the answer you are looking for, you can contact me directly or you can have a look through the Advice Section.


Do you have a cafe (with a physical address that is)?

No, just a virtual one, for now. If however I win the Lottery things might change.

If I see an error on your website, should I let you know?

By all means yes please!!! My English is not perfect (and nowhere near being so) and together we can make a better website. Please drop me an email and tell me where there was an error and I will fix it immediately. This applies to all errors, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, errors in the recipes itself and also if you just think I am crazy, let me know!

What should I keep in my cupboards when starting using your recipes?

You are not a doctor or a nutritianist, can you give people advice despite that?

My first advice is always, always, always: seek professional help before contacting me. If you have not done so I will ask that you do before you come back to me. I never claim to cure people or help them with their illnesses. I am just here to post recipes that might make peoples' lives a little better by eating more healthily.