Using healthy ingredients in cooking can be a lot more complicated than using the traditional combination of refined sugar, wheat and butter (which is almost always foolproof). Throughout the years I have literally ruined thousands of recipes when experimenting with healthier ingredients. It is totally worth it however but something that you won't have to go through since you have this website to lean on. Cooking with healthier ingredients can take time, patience and it can be more costly than using traditional ingredients. Don't give up though and if you carry on you will soon become an expert on cooking all things healthy. Just make sure you follow the recipes very carefully because 'a dash of this and a dash of that' usually doesn't work in healthy cooking. This is especially true for cakes and cookies. If you don't have any experience in cooking at all you don't need to worry because in 2000 I was eating dry pasta because of my lack of culinary skills (I didn't know how to cook it, I am not kidding) and in 2003 I had opened up my own recipe website with thousands of followers. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Below are questions I have gathered throughout the years from my users regarding baking, ingredients, cooking techniques and more. If you click on a question, the answer will appear below.

If you can't find the answer you are looking for, you can contact me directly or you can have a look through the Advice Section.


Where can I find pure, organic maple syrup?

You will find pure, organic maple syrup in your local health food store or you can order it online. Maple syrup is often available in supermarkets as well. Just make sure that the maple syrup you purchase is 100% pure and organic and does not contain glucose syrup, colourants or flavourings. Pure maple syrup is expensive but worth every penny. I use it in all kinds of cookies, ice creams and cakes.

Why do you use baby foods (purees) in your baking?

Baby food (organic, no sugar added) is a great way to add sweetness to your baking and it reduces the need for too much fat too as it gives moisture. When you use baby food you can reduce the amount of oil (fat) in the recipe considerably. For baked goods that are supposed to be soft (such as tea breads and muffins) baby food is perfect. It is not as good when making cookies because they require more fat to become crunchy. It is good to match whatever you are making to the baby food you are using. So for example if you are making blueberry muffins, use baby food with blueberry. If you are making a banana bread you can use banana puree/baby food. I always use organic baby food without added sugar and there are lots of brands out there that are great.

Why do you use free range chicken and eggs?

I don't cook lamb or beef (my husband is not a big fan and I am a vegetarian) and I NEVER buy chicken or eggs that are not free range. If I am living in a country that does not sell free range chicken (such as Iceland, shame on you), I don't cook chicken. It's that simple. I refuse to support battery conditions and breeding of animals and no animal should have to suffer in order for anyone to use their products. Please use only free range meat and eggs.

Emails and Requires

I signed up for your email list but never got a reply or a confirmation?

Check the spam folder/junk mail in your inbox. It is also a good idea to add all emails from @cafesigrun.com as a 'trusted/safe email address'. 

You didn't reply to my email/enquiry?

Two things might have happened: a) The email didn't reach me (and therefore I didn't reply) or b) I got the email, sent a reply but you didn't receive it. The rule of thumb is: If I didn't reply to you, I didn't get your email. I always, always, always reply to emails, usually within 24 hours of receiving it. I have answered emails a few hours after operations, even a few hours after giving birth. I have also answered emails when hiking, flying, sailing, even horseback riding. I even answer emails in remote villages in Africa where there is almost no Internet connection. So yes, you would have received my reply by now if you sent me an email. Check the spam folder/junk mail in your inbox. It is also a good idea to add all emails from www.cafesigrun.com as a 'trusted email address/safe url'.

Using Your Recipes and Photos

Can I post a recipe from you on my own website?

Yes you may do so for personal use, as long as you source the original recipe (www.cafesigrun.com) or link to it directly on my site from your website. You can however NOT post or publish my recipes without telling where it is from and you may absolutely NOT post it as your own creation. I will go absolutely mad if I see my recipes used in that way.

Can I use one of your photos?

Not without my permission, no. I will however most likely say yes, if you ask nicely!


Do you give interviews?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I might not be in the mood for it but you are welcome to try. I absolutely loath talking on the phone so send me an email with questions and I will reply to you. I will ask that you send me the final draft of the interview before I sign it off. It's just to make sure that I am not described as a 13 year old (I'm born in 1974) woman living in Spain (I have never lived in Spain) and a sports enthusiast (I'm not).

There is no telephone number on your website for contacting you?

No and there is a reason for it. I hate talking on the phone. If you have any questions, send me an email and I will reply to you promptly (usually within 24 hours). If there is no reply check your spam folder/junk mail in your inbox.


Could you post the nutritional analysis of your recipes?

Sure, if you pay me to do it I would be happy to. I don't have the time or the money to do it for now though, unless I win the Lottery!