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A bowl of hot, lovely soup on a cold winter's day is what life is about. Countless times I have watched snow storms outside our window, holding a bowl of hot soup in my hands and been thankful of everything I have in my life. I have never understood cold soups, I think they are pointless and they make me nervous. Soups are supposed to be piping hot and when someone serves me cold soup in a bowl I break out in sweat. I just can not put it into my mouth. Call it salsa and I will dip carrots or organic nachos in it but I will absolutely not put a spoon in it. Cold soups are the reason I could never go fully raw. I need my hot soups on a cold day. Sometimes when I was outside tending to my horses in sub zero temperatures with the Northern Lights dancing in the sky and stars shimmering like diamonds on dark velvet (which means that it is REALLY cold outside), I wished that my mother had made soup for dinner. Usually my father didn't like soups as he was working outside all day and came home hungry like a wolf, ready to eat meat and lots of it. So soups were hardly ever on the menu and I can understand that (he needed like a billion calories in those days). I used to make myself a cup of soup from a packet but usually got a headache afterwards. It was before the days of me understanding MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), additives, added sugar (usually glucose syrup) and more. I was just so cold and craved something hot so this was at least a quick solution. I haven't opened up a packet of 'soup in a mug' for at least 15 years because I make all my soups from scratch and they taste a million times better.

A delightful soup, perfect for mid week

Thai Noodle Soup with Shrimp

This soup is so good and it is fairly quick if you can get your hands on some decent Thai green curry paste. The ones that are sold in health food stores are usually quite nice.

The cheapest and simplest soup around there is! Perfect for the fridge clear out

The Cheapest Soup

I don't know if in your part of the world you have a soup called "Nail Soup" as we do in probably do though....most households must have the kind of soup which is so cheap it almost costs nothing and to which you might add every vegetable left over in your fridge or freezer and it still tastes ok.

An easy and satisfying curry dish

Vegetables in Thai Green Curry and Coconut Sauce

Tasty, cheap and filling, that's a combination I always like. This is a curry dish that falls into the "in between" category of being a soup or vegetables with curry sauce.

A filling yet light meal full of complex carbohydrates and energy.

Wild Mushrooms and Noodles Trail Soup

Me and my husband are keen hikers. We love nothing more than packing our bags on a Friday evening, heading into the Icelandic wilderness.

Such a lovely soup and reminds me so much of Zanzibar

Zanzibar Carrot and Coconut Soup

This soup reminds me a lot of a soup I had at the Archipelago restaurant, Zanzibar in September 2007.

The bowl seen in the photo I bought in a small market in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Zanzibar Pumpkin and Coconut Soup

This recipe is from a book called Zanzibar Kitchen and is a favourite of mine.

A lovely tomato soup which always reminds me of Africa

Zanzibar Tomato Soup

I have lost the count of how many tomato soups I have eaten during my travels in Africa (Eastern-Africa).