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Remnants of figs have been found in excavations of sites traced to at least 5,000 B.C.

So delicious and healthy

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This is a wonderful, wonderful ice cream and it is packed with protein, and healthy fats.

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This is a collection of recipes that are especially well suited for special occasions such as Easter, Bank holidays, birthdays, weddings,...

An easy and very healthy salad, the perfect side dish for the barbecue
  • A very refreshing detox drink
  • Simple yet healthy chicken salad
  • An easy and very healthy salad, the perfect side dish for the barbecue
  • This is a melt in your mouth chocolate cake
  • A perfect side dish with every meal and an excellent snack as well!
  • Not exactly like the French do it but still nice!
  • One of my favourite bread rolls, I absolutely love them
  • The most summery salad of all

Food for Thought

Sprouts are amazingly healthy, packed with enzymes
Gluten is in so many things. It's a common ingredient in soy sauce, in baking powder, in ready made sauces, malt extract, spices (not good quality spices though), ready made meals and more. In our bread-pasta-wheat-biscuit filled (Western) world it is hard to avoid gluten and for many people it is very difficult unless you plan ahead and read up on ingredients and labels. What surprised my most...