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Remnants of figs have been found in excavations of sites traced to at least 5,000 B.C.

A very simple yet delicious jam for every occasion

Today's recipe

I use this jam for everything...as a layer when making cakes, on my toast, with hummus, on oatmeal biscuits, in my yoghurt and on waffles. It just goes with everything and is so easy to make.

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This is a collection of recipes that are especially well suited for special occasions such as Easter, Bank holidays, birthdays, weddings,...

This pie is always a crowd pleasure. It never fails to satisfy!
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  • One of my favourite bread rolls, I absolutely love them
  • A very popular and healthy salad, packed with protein and low in fat
  • A perfect side dish with every meal and an excellent snack as well!
  • My favourite nut loaf. It is an absolute winner every time
  • A very refreshing detox drink
  • Lovely and healthy, my favourite pies!
  • This drink will keep your body in mint condition!

Food for Thought

Before you start on the healthier lifestyle journey and if you are still not sure where to start, a good starting point is to reduce the fat and processed sugar by a third in your normal (traditional) recipes. In most instances you won't even notice. When you have tried this for a while you can start exploring the wonders of cane sugar, agave nectar, nut butters, coconut oil, baby food (fruit...